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Saxon – True Perennial Ryegrass

Reliable grass for pasture that performs in New Zealand farming situations.

Saxon is a dependable Perennial Ryegrass that is known as one of the longest-lasting productive perennials to be found in the market. Saxon is prized for…
  • Resistance to Pulling.
  • Strong Root Structure.
  • SEZ-50 Sustainable Endophyte.
  • Nil Endophyte Strains Available.
  • Dense Leaf.
  • Multiple Tillering.
  • Persistence.
  • High Palatability.

Dynastrike – Seed Treatment

The ultimate seed treatment to enhance fast strong plant establishment with anti-fungal properties which promote an excellent enhanced strike when required.

Goldstrike – Seed Treatment

For enhanced strong fast establishment of plants. Goldstrike provides protection for grasses from pests such as grass grub larvae and black beetle. Goldstrike seed treatment also provides protection for barssicas from aphids, argentine stem weevil, spring tails and wheat bug.