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The Benefits of Chicory and Liquid N

Chicory & how to Manage it: Chicory is a great quality spring/summer growing herb that is nutritious and palatable for stock feed and when planted and managed properly it can produce around 8 – 16 Ton of DM/ha/year. It is drought tolerant so proves a great option for non-irrigated or summer dry regions and the ... read more.

Fodder Beet is Back!

Yes, it is that time of the year again! Fodder beat is currently leading the way in farming industry.It is now being grown in all major dairying regions as well as being used widely across all classes of livestock especially in Canterbury and Southland Farms where it is common for cows to have a diet ... read more.

Managing your Pasture/Crop correctly for the Upcoming Spring Production

Coming from a farming background we at Wesco Seeds realise the effort involved in gaining that balance between getting enough feed for your stock but not overgrazing so you damage your pasture for spring, knowing when to apply the correct nutrients, and knowing how much to apply etc. etc. the list goes on. We wanted ... read more.

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If you want to receive a quote from one of our consultants ASAP, fill out our ‘Two Minute Quote’ for fast response! Two Minute Quote Instruction Video Here read more.