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How does Wesco Seeds Dynastrike Seed Treatment Work?

Protect your seed investment with Dynastrike-  the ultimate seed germination activator treatment. Recommended and endorsed by astounded Wesco customers. Wesco Dynastrike Seed is ready to spring up quickly in your soil!

Dynastrike Seed Activator is designed to help control fungi and disease, whilst enhancing plant germination. This treatment is absorbed directly into the seed, helping to protect the seed from pests and disease, and simultaneously exciting the germination pattern through extra energy being available to the developing plant, promoting higher yields and creating a better growth biosphere.

What makes Dynastrike so unique and effective?  Dynastrike is not a powder treatment that is wrapped over the seed, therefore seed counts per kg are not reduced by 20%. In fact, Dynastrike only adds a minimal 1% weight to the seed. Because  Dynastrike is absorbed rather than an applied coating, it does not rub off, doesn’t clump seeds together – thus reducing drill blockages and ensuring more consistent seed placement, and is safer for the sower as it cannot be inhaled.

Another unique feature of Dynastrike is the activating nutrients are absorbed directly into the seed allowing immediate utilization when the seed is sowed, as opposed to simply coating or accompanying the seed at the time of sowing. Dynastrike does not need to be dissolved (this saves precious moisture) before the trace elements are activated for use by the accompanying seed.  Dynastrike seed is preprogrammed internally, and ready to bolt with minimal moisture!

Our Clients report Dynastrike stimulates quick germination and speeds grass/plant establishment up to 40% earlier than with bare seed (or this equates to 1-2 weeks earlier pasture establishment). It appears that Dynastrike seed needs remarkably less soil moisture to fire germination, and continues to support optimal moisture management by the seed/young plant, sustaining the grass through dry periods that would normally cause grass burnout. This feature of Dynastrike is very valuable for pasture development where soil conditions are dryer than would normally be preferred for sowing.

Dynastrike plays a vital role in rapid seed germination and early plant/root development. We recommend seed treatment  Dynastrike for all Pasture mixes, Grasses, Legumes, Brassicas, Herbs and Cereal crops.


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