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How does Wesco Seeds Goldstrike Seed Treatment work?

Goldstrike seed treatment enhances plants for a strong and fast establishment. It protects grasses from Grass Grub Larvae and Black Beetles, and Brassica crops from Aphids, Argentine Stem Weevil, Spring tail, and Wheat Bugs.

Like Dynastrike, this also provides a 6-week boost, exciting the germination pattern of the plant whilst controlling fungi and disease. Goldstrike is a liquid treatment reducing the weight added (only 1% weight added) to the seeds as it is absorbed rather than coated onto the seed. This also ensures that the treatment does not rub off or cause seeds to clump together which results in needless drill blockages. Using Wesco Seeds Goldstrike Treatment is also a safer option for the handler as it cannot be inhaled.

Another exceptional feature of our Goldstrike treatment is that it will start working immediately as soon as the seed has been sown. This is due to the treatment being absorbed and not coated around the seed, so there is no need for it to be dissolved to activate trace elements. This also saves precious moisture.

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