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What is the Difference between Goldstrike and Dynastrike Seed Treatment?

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The difference between Wesco Seeds Goldstrike and Dynastrike seed treatment is that Goldstrike protects grass crops from Grass Grub Larvae and Black Beetle, and Brassica crops from Aphids, Argentine Stem Weevil, Spring Tales, and Wheat Bugs, as well as giving your crop a six-week growing boost.

Goldstrike treatment was mainly created for North Island farmers due to areas such as Northland and Waikato having a high amount of Black Beetle. However, Goldstrike is also suitable for South Island farmers who experience Spring Tail pests. Our Dynastrike treatment will also provide a 6-week boost to your crop, however, it does not protect against pests like our Goldstrike treatment. This is great for South Island and North Island farmers who are not needing anything to control pests such as Grass Grub Larvae, Black Beetle, Aphids, Argentine Stem Weevil, Spring Tales, and Wheat Bugs on their crop.

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