Green Globe

Green Globe Turnips are a high-production hardy winter species, frost-tolerant they keep well, yielding 40 – 50 % leaf with a ME content of 10 (MJME/kg DM).

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Green Globe Turnips are a reliable high production winter species. Particularly hardy and frost-tolerant, they keep well through winter. The rounded shaped bulb has white flesh and green skin. The cultivar is slow-growing and yields can be improved by sowing early. A good winter grazing crop, sown in Jan-Feb with 80-120 days until maturity, the crop can be grazed off from June onwards. It can also be sown as a summer grazing crop. It has good potential for supporting milk production on dairy farms and in some cases is mixed with earlier maturing species. The yield is generally comprised of 40-50 percent leaf and a crop provides a ME content of 10 (MJME/kg DM). Green Globe turnips help improve soil structure and fertility; a good option for lower fertility soils that require pasture development.

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Dynastrike, Goldstrike, Untreated

Green Globe Turnip



Allow 80-120 days until maturity for first grazing.

Green Globe turnips have a ME content of 10 (MJME/kg DM)

Sowing rates

Recommended sowing rate of 2 kg per hectare.


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