Blue Lupins

Blue Lupins are legumes primarily grown for their soil fertility-restoring capability and feed for livestock.

Deep-rooted, with an erect form (1.6m) tall.

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Blue Lupins are a legume crop primarily grown for its soil fertility-restoring capability along with being a feed for livestock. The plant has slender stems with narrow leaves, and it produces clusters of blue or purple flowers in the spring and summer. It is a deep-rooted (up to 2.5m) annual legume that has an erect growing pattern with strong stems. It can grow up to 1.6m in height.

Blue Lupins are typically autumn sown between March and May, although they will self-regenerate. When grown for seed, the crop can be harvested early to mid-summer, once the pods have dried down and turned brown and the seeds have hardened. A consideration for livestock is that the stems and seeds are bitter, containing alkaloids.

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Blue Lupins



Blue Lupins are autumn sown with a growing season of around 8-10 months, the crop is harvested in early to mid-summer for seed.

Sowing Rates

The recommended sowing rate is typically 100-120 kg per hectare for a specialty crop.

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