Phacelia a borage cultivar, is a rapidly growing annual broadleaf with purple flowers, beneficial to pollinators.

It also seeks and absorbs excess nitrogen in the soil making it a useful green manure or cover crop.

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Phacelia is a member of the Borage family. A rapidly growing annual broadleaf plant with purple flowers, it has an upright growth form and is a multi-branched, dark green hairy plant. A feature of Phacelia is that it seeks out nitrogen in the soil. Known for absorbing excessive levels, it is used as a green manure for improving soil condition. With the ability to prevent nitrogen leaching, along with suppressing weeds due to rapid growth, farmers should consider Phacelia for environmental gains. Additionally, it produces a dense zone of shallow roots that help to condition the topsoil. The flowers also provide a food source for beneficial insects, including bees. In New Zealand, Phacelia is typically spring sown from September to December and can be planted either as a specialty crop or within a mix.


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Phacelia typically reaches maturity around 60-90 days after sowing.

Sowing Rate

Sowing rates

For a specialty crop, we recommended a sowing rate of 10 kg per hectare.

For best results: Phacelia should be sown shallow as the seed is very small in diameter (2mm), although it needs to be well covered as the seed needs darkness to germinate, we recommend harrowing or rolling well after sowing. Seed should also be sown from spring to autumn after the risk of frosts has passed.

When sowing in a mix recommended rates are 0.6 – 1.2 kg per hectare.

Note: Phacelia as a rapidly growing cultivar and may need to be reduced when mixed with slower-growing species. Alternatively, it can be mixed with other fast-establishing species like annual clovers, mustard, or buckwheat.

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