Hillary Fescue

Hillary Fescue’s feature is its deep root structure that while slower to establish performs particularly well in summer dry conditions. A great yielding grass once established with more quality than quantity feed produced. Is rust resistant.


Hillary Fescue is a deep-rooting grass that does particularly well in summer drought conditions. Though it is slower to establish while laying down its root structure, once this is in place, it yields well. Overall, it is a cultivar that produces more quality feed than quantity. With fine leaves, it complements the growth of clovers and grazing herbs. Hillary Fescue has good rust resistance. To achieve the best results, we recommend planting when the soil temperature is 12 degrees or warmer. It can be sown as a speciality pasture or as part of a mix.


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Hillary Fescue



We recommend planting when the soil temperature is 12°C or warmer.

A great complement to clover and grazing herbs in a mix.

Sowing Rate

Recommended sowing rates of 25 – 35 kg per hectare for establishing a speciality pasture or

A rate of 10 – 20 kg per hectare in a mix.

Price Table

Treatment 500 kg + 100 – 500kg 10 – 100kg
Untreated $11.70 $11.95 $13.30
Dynastrike $13.20 $13.45 $14.80
Goldstrike $15.20 $15.45 $16.80

All prices are excluded GST. Minimum order 10kg.

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