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Wesco Ley Blend

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Wesco Ley Blend is blended for each individual farmers needs. We strive to incorporate a minimum of 8 different types or varieties of seed to formulate a more nutritious array off herbage for the class of stock that graze it.

A wide variety of herbage helps to contribute to a more nutrient dense feed that will help keep your stock in better health and helps to improve productivity. Farmers tell us the end use for their blend and we work with them on formulating and mixing to their requirements bringing a more holistic and balanced approach to the sward that they plant.

As you will notice the results and yield from this formulated Wesco Ley Blend to the customer’s needs have been quite mind blowing and outstanding.

Customer Comments

“We cut 18,000kgs of dry matter per hectare in 135 days” – Waikato Farmer JG

“Our goats went up a liter of milk per day whenever i added the Wesco Ley into the goats diet: it is in there forever now”

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