Agrisea Irrigated Dairy Mix

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Agrisea Irrigated Dairy Mix

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AgriSea and Wesco Seeds have worked together to formulate a diverse pasture seed mix that achieves a holistic balanced approach to pasture renewal. We have created a diverse herbal mix of at least twelve different species and cultivars. This herbal ley will improve nutritional value and increase root mass by up to 60%. This will result in better persistence and improved resilience during adverse climate events which are not currently available with the traditional Rye and Clover mixes. To get the best results we recommend a biological farming approach with good pasture management.

This mix is formulated to suit irrigated dairy farms.

+ Sowing rate: 25-30kg per hectare.

+ Sowing rate: Existing Pasture 15-20kg per hectare

+ Plantain Depth: Ideal – 10mm Ideal – 15mm

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