Tri-Blend White Clover

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Tri-Blend White Clover

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Wesco Seeds has developed the ‘Tri-Blend Series’ of clover blends. These blends help give diversity and strength to overall sward, when added to mixes. The advantages of including these blends into a mix are:

Boost output of milk and meat from Forage with Clover blends.

Improves soil structure and the quality of grazing.

Helps to maintain a balanced grass/Clover sward.

Performs reliably in most soil types and under most management systems.

We recommend adding Chicory’s, Plantain’s, Italian’s, Short Rotation Ryegrasses, Rape/Forage Brassicas and/or other Clovers along with the tri-blend in mixes.

Include this in one of our standard pasture mixes.

Recommended sowing rates of:

  • 1-4kg per hectare in a mix
  • 7-10kg per hectare on its on
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