Lotus – Untreated

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Lotus – Untreated

$29.50 - $32.50 / KG excl GST

Can tolerate wet acidic (5.5ph ) & infertile soils.

Tolerates shade and needle litter.

Helps prevent bloat.

Reduces the effect of internal parasites in sheep and cattle.

Resistant to Grass Grub and Porina.

Long establishment period.

Don’t over graze to less than 7-10 cm.

High protein up to 28% in young.

Recommended sowing rate of 1-3 kgs per hectare in a mix.

Treatment types:

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Range (KG)Price ($/KG)
1 - 9 KG$32.50 / KG
10 - 24 KG$30.50 / KG
25+ KG$29.50 / KG
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