Elite Saxon Premium Rye Clover Mix – Dynastrike treatment

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Elite Saxon Premium Rye Clover Mix – Dynastrike treatment

$7.40 - $8.00 / KG excl GST

Renown for its long lasting persistance due to the high content of Saxon and Foxtrot Seed.

Life expectancy of Saxon – up to 10 years! High Saxon content for resilience and persistence.

It has proven to be more than an excellent competitor in its field.

Star performer mix with Foxtrot, a Tetraploid Perennial to lift production to new levels!

Dynastrike treated for accelerated germination and faster plant establishment, also giving less time for weed and pest competitions.

Has proved to have strong root structure giving incredible resistance to pulling.

Great station blend, Plantain and Chicory can be added for extra fattening capacity and stock health.

Recommended sowing rate of 32kg per hectare.

Additional treatment types:

Treated with dynastrike treatment

Dynastrike treatment is a coating of minerals that help boost your pasture at germination stage with anti-fungal properties which enhance strike when required.

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Range (KG)Price ($/KG)
1 - 74 KG$8.00 / KG
75 - 499 KG$7.45 / KG
500+ KG$7.40 / KG
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