Japanese Millet

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Japanese Millet

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High performance Forage.

Multiple grazing’s or cuts for silage (3 – 4 cuts ) “..best silage I’ve ever made…”

Recommended sowing rate of 25 -30kg per hectare sown down or broadcast.

Cheap to establish best in cultivated area.

Competes with weed, lower growing costs little or no chemicals needed.

First cut or grazing approximately 45 -60 days.

Grows feed for when you need it in the Summer.

Great for Milking Cows or Beef Cattle.

Minimum soil temperature for sowing is 17 degrees, Ideal temperature is 20 degrees.

Customer Comment:

“…am planting 25 – 30% of my farm this year (in millet) as last year in the dry I was able to increase production during the drought.”

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