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Extremely prolific high sugar Tetraploid Italian Grass Seed.

Gives excellent bulk of feed and responds rapidly after grazing or mowing.

Produces up to 15% more MJ per kg dry matter.

Can produce up to 27+ tonnes of dry matter per hectare with ME levels up to 12.5 – 13.0 in ideal conditions.

Grows well in all soil types and is a top producer in more fertile soils.

Exceptionally low Nitrate levels.

Reports show reduced scouring for livestock.

Don’t over graze.

High Sugar = High milk protein levels.

Great for whole crop Silage.

Recommended sowing rate 35kg per hectare.

Customer Comments:

“It grows like mad!!”

“Fascinate yields very well, stock love it in baleage”

“up to my waist, grazing it every 18 days”

“So sweet I could even feed the Baleage to Lambs!”

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