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Excellent animal performance.

Very palatable.

Fast Winter-Spring growth.

Improved Summer survival.

Perun is a festulolium – a cross between Italian Ryegrass for Winter growth and Meadow Fescue for improved quality, tolerance to drought, insects and persistence. The Meadow Fescue component gives Perun a great balance of total energy, sugars and digestible fibre. It is highly preferred by animals, allowing high energy intake and performance. Perun is ideal as a lamb finishing pasture, or for high performance dairy cows.

Perun is exceptionally productive, especially over the Winter and Spring months. It is used as a longer lived alternative to Italian Ryegrass, with similar pasture growth but imporved palatabilty, stock performance and Summer survival.

Perun has performed impressively on wetland Dairy farms, as well as inland dryland and high country farms.

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