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Wesco Easy N

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Wesco Easy N is a basic Nitrogen based liquid fertilizer comparable with other products on the market containing smart technology stabilizers for the nitrogen, aiding longer N response when applied.

N is a major component to all cells in all living things. Often a lack of it can be a limiting factor for growth.

Easy N is used when growers and farmers would like to accelerate growth of there crops and pasture with a basic ‘N’ application, but would like a more sustained growth.

Gibberellic acid may be added to this product, but we regard SupaNS as a better combination.

Application rate is 35 – 50 litres /ha.

If the conditions are dry then a lesser rate is recommended due to the burn factor that can occur. Water rates are determined by the method of spraying with 100 litres being the minimum and 200 litres being ideal.

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