Wesco Supa NS – Liquid NPK Plant Growth Manipulator

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Wesco Supa NS – Liquid NPK Plant Growth Manipulator

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Wesco Supa NS is a Nitrogen based liquid fertilizer complemented with higher sulfur levels, smart technology stabilizers for nitrogen and supporting macro elements in trace quantities to give you a better longer lasting N response.

Supa NS has started to build on the benefits of foliar application of Nitrogen and has taken the combination approach to a whole new level in the field.

Being a combination of nutrients, with the major compenent being Nitrogen, Wesco Supa NS gives more balanced plant growth combined with extra sulphur and farmers have reported a sustained growth for twice the time of other nitrogen applications.

Wesco Supa NS has two forms of nitrogen, ammonia and nitrate nitrogen.

Gibberellic acid may be added to this product. Supa NS can help reduce the yellowing often shown with gibberellic acid applications.

Application rate 35-45L/Ha

Recommended water rates minimum 100L/ha and 200L being ideal.

Do a pot test before applying with chemicals and advise your agent.

Product available in 200L and 1000L pods

Customer Comments:

“I’ve used a range of foliar fertilisers and Supa NS has given me the best results yet” – Roger D, South Waikato

“I’ve found that spoon feeding my grass with Supa NS over Winter has given me better results than prilled urea” – G.A, TeAwamutu

“I love the formulation as it doesn’t block my nozzles on the spray rig” – I.M, Central Waikato

“The grass looks greener than prilled urea and growth is sustained for longer: – K.H, Bay of Plenty

“I had growth for up to twice the length of time of urea…Impressed” – G.A, TeAwamutu

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