Wesco Supa NS – Liquid NPK Plant Growth Manipulator

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Wesco Supa NS – Liquid NPK Plant Growth Manipulator

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Wesco Supa NS is a Nitrogen based liquid fertilizer complemented with higher sulfur levels, smart technology stabilizers for nitrogen and supporting macro elements in trace quantities to give you a better longer lasting N response.

Application rate 35-45L/Ha

Recommended water rates minimum 100L/ha and 200L being ideal.

Do a pot test before applying with chemicals and advise your agent.

Product available in 200L and 1000L pods

Customer Comments:

“I’ve used a range of foliar fertilisers and Supa NS has given me the best results yet” – Roger D, South Waikato

“I’ve found that spoon feeding my grass with Supa NS over Winter has given me better results than prilled urea” – G.A, TeAwamutu

“I love the formulation as it doesn’t block my nozzles on the spray rig” – I.M, Central Waikato

“The grass looks greener than prilled urea and growth is sustained for longer: – K.H, Bay of Plenty

“I had growth for up to twice the length of time of urea…Impressed” – G.A, TeAwamutu

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