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Reliable grass for pasture that outperforms in real NZ farming situations.


A dependable Perennial Ryegrass, Saxon is known as one of the longest-lasting productive perennials to be found in the market.

Saxon is prized for…

  • Resistance to Pulling
  • Dense Leaf
  • Persistance in the Pasture
  • Strong root structure
  • Multiple Tillering
  • High Palatability
  • Excellent Resistance to harsh Weather conditions
  • Dependable with/without irrigation
  • Satisfaction for stock and customer
  • Value for Money
  • Reports of Black Beetle resistance
  • Developed using a nil chemical regime
  • Nil and standard endophyte strains available

Read what others have said about Saxon

Saxon doing as well as the expensive grassesGraham C. of Southland
Withstood grass grub Porina better than newer grasses, Saxon is as good as anythingKen G. of Southland
Cows love it! Cows now graze over the whole hill…Tim W. of Otautau
Saxon I put in 4 years ago still going strong. Hinds are putting their heads through the netting to eat the SaxonJohn D. of Lumsden
Saxon – excellent stuffDon M. of Southland
Very strong autumn growth with Saxon Nil Endophyte. Palatability for lamb feed was excellent…Peter C. of Balclutha
Wrapt with Saxon Aqua PakKelvin C. of Gore
Saxon – best value for moneyNick J. of Gore
Sheep like it so much they want to eat it out of the ground!Darren C. of Southland
Magnificent on clay after drought. Very dense throw, a lot of tillers. Came back brilliant after drought…Stan R. of Dargaville
Impressed with Saxon persistance…Reg W. of Warkworth
Survived Drought…John A. of Okaihau
Leaves Nui for dead.Kevin N. of West Auckland
I don’t know what it is with that saxon, seems like its been bred in really difficult conditions and hard weather, and when its planted up here in the warm with plenty of water it really goes for itMaurice G of Kaitaia
Lasted longer than other grasses…Dennis P. of Awanui
Can’t get any more milk in the vat with Bronsyn than with Saxon…Lawrence M. Of Hawera
Saxon mix out grew the other Rye Grasses an inch per grazing for the first two grazings. Now all we will use is Saxon as it out-performs the others and is so much cheaper in price, yet there hasn’t been a compromise in performance.Matthew G of Taranaki
In sowing Wesco seed I was able to undersow my whole farm increasing production to 1250kgs/ms ha not only I got an increase in income though higher grass production but also I saved thousands of dollars on seed cost. I personally recommend Saxon mixes”Ashton C. Reporoa
Turned rubbish paddock into top producer…Colin J. Of Waipukurau
Still going strong when others long gone…Peter B.
Good growth through winter, doesn’t pull. Well rooted.Murray B.
Came up where others petered out.Des C. of Rotorua
Sandy clay soil. Amazed at Saxon. Did not seem to burn off in frost…Ross B. of Waihi
Tried Saxon for four years, still see it. Does not pull…Ray B. of Aria
Impressed with how the Saxon was lasting in pumice soils even after quite a severe drought, hasn’t died, has just kept going.Peter G of Whakatane
Grows like fury. Good run with Saxon…Ken W. of Kati Kati
Production up since using Saxon…David H. of Cambridge
Impressed with Saxon. Doesn’t pull. Worst paddock now my best. Would recommend it to anyone…Warren R. of Mangakino
Brought Saxon six years ago, now best paddock on farm…David D. of Matamata
Grew ARI, finished paddock with Saxon, I’d say Saxon was twice as good…Ray B. of Taupo

With these excellent strong constitutional characteristics, Saxon does not need to rely on high levels of endophyte for persistence and resilience!

The result for you is long-lasting pasture and palatability for stock without the complications.