Goliath Rape is a livestock cultivar.

Grows to 1-2 m, with large leaves, and yellow flowers.

Winter-hardy prefers a pH of 6.0, sensitive to waterlogging.

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Goliath Forage Rape is a cultivar cross of Rape and Kale. It is a common livestock forage cultivar. An annual that can grow up to 1-2 meters, with large, broad leaves, and produces yellow flowers in the spring. The crop matures in 12-14 weeks, depending on growing conditions. Goliath Forage Rape grows best in cool to temperate climates, with average temperatures between 15 – 25°C. It prefers well-drained soils with a pH of 6.0 or more, and is sensitive to waterlogging. Goliath is a particularly winter-hardy cultivar.

Goliath is a high-yielding crop that can produce up to 6-8 tons of dry matter per hectare, making it an attractive feed option.


Additional information

Goliath Rape





90-110 days until grazing.

Rape is quickly metabolised and its high protein quality results in stock gaining weight quickly.  Transitioning stock from a pasture diet to Rape needs to be completed gradually to avoid digestive issues. The crop should be allowed to fully mature prior to being grazed. When mature the leaves turn a bronze or reddish blue/purple and the plants have a semi-wilted appearance.

It is not advised to allow hungry stock to “ad-lib” feed on Rape when transitioning from a pasture diet as issues like nitrate poisoning and rape scald can occur. After gradually introducing Rape, it can be fed unrestricted. In situations where stock is given access to the whole crop this may result in more wastage and a trade-off may be required to maximise growth rates.


Sowing rates

Recommended sowing rate of 4 kg per hectare.

It can be sown from early spring into late summer and depending on the climate if sown in February as a winter feed which gives a high-quality feed but it will yield less than options like Turnips.

Rape tolerates a range of soil conditions and will grow in lower fertility conditions than most other Brassicas. Under good soil conditions and moisture levels, it will yield 8 tonnes per hectare.

At planting Aphids will need to be controlled if using a susceptible cultivar and if it is being grown in an area known to be infested with club-root it will be necessary to use a resistant variety.

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