Hairy/Standard Vetch

Hairy Vetch/Standard Vetchs are annual winter hardy legumes and versatile crops with a range of uses. Grown as a cover/green manure or livestock forage crop. They provide a range of benefits for soil health and crop rotations. The ability to fix nitrogen and improve soil fertility makes them an important component of sustainable agriculture systems.

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Hairy Vetch/Standard Vetch are annual winter hardy legumes. High nitrogen producers, they are commonly grown as a cover crop or green manure crop. Hairy Vetch is known for its better frost tolerance than Standard Vetch. Growing rapidly during the winter months, this provides a good ground cover, effectively suppressing weeds.

Hairy Vetch/Standard Vetch has a climbing/vine form that can grow 1-3 meters in length. They have small, green leaves and produce clusters of purple or pink flowers in the spring. Hairy Vetch/Standard Vetch grows well in a range of soil types but prefers well-drained soils with a pH greater than 6.0. An effective soil conditioner, it acts as a subsoiler, particularly aerating compacted topsoil. Hairy Vetch/Standard Vetch is perfect to be paired with other cover crop species. It is a palatable forage for livestock with tender nutritious leaves and stems during the winter and early spring months.



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Hairy Vetch/Standard Vetch



Hairy Vetch/Standard Vetch typically matures, flowering around 6 to 8 months after it is sown in the autumn.

Overgrazing can damage the plants and reduce their productivity, so it is generally recommended to allow the plants to reach a height of at least 15 to 20 cm before grazing.

Sowing Rate

Hairy Vetch is typically sown in autumn, between March and May, at a recommended rate of 15-25 kg/ha.

Standard Vetch also is sown in autumn, between March and May, at a recommended rate of 20-30 kg/ha.

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