Daikon Radish

Daikon Radish is a quick-growing leafy pasture herb, which is rich in minerals.

The cultivar is a good feed for all livestock.

Also referred to as a “tillage radish” the feature of the cultivar is a large taproot that acts as a natural plough, increasing aeration and uptake of nutrients and moisture.

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Daikon Radish establishes quickly and is used as a leafy green pasture herb that is especially rich in minerals. It is suitable as a feed for all livestock and performs well in both cool and hot climates. Daikon Radish has a large deep taproot and is also referred to as a “tillage radish” as it acts as a natural plough, increasing soil aeration and nutrient/moisture uptake. The taproot of the Daikon Radish is rich in nutrients and these are stored over winter until spring when it rapidly decays, releasing nutrients for a spring crop.  The Daikon Radish can be grown as a specialty crop or part of a mix which also helps to suppress weeds. The bulb taproot has white or pale green skin and white flesh.



Additional information

Daikon Radish



Dynastrike, Goldstrike, Untreated


Suitable feed for all livestock.

Sowing rates

Recommended sowing rate of 1 – 3 kg per hectare in a mix, and

When sown as a specialty crop 6 – 8 kg per hectare.

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