Invitation Swede is grown as a forage crop for livestock. Invitation Swede is a late maturing, yellow-fleshed swede, with very high bulb and leaf yield. It provides winter feed with excellent animal health for the majority of stock types sheep, cattle, and deer.

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Invitation Swede is a very good performer with a number of advantages, providing great winter feed for cattle, sheep, and deer. A late maturer, it flowers late into spring, remaining in a vegetative state longer, resulting in fewer animal health problems such as bloat when transiting onto the Brassica crop. Maturing later, Invitation also has a good tolerance to dry rot. Additionally, the cultivar has a high leaf yield, lifting the protein levels and maintaining both feed quality and quantity into winter. The better protein content also helps with transitioning stock, especially more susceptible younger stock. The bulbs are distinctive with yellow flesh. Swedes, like other root crops, are beneficial for soil health, helping to break up compaction and improving soil organic matter levels.

Additional information

Invitation Swede



Dynastrike, Goldstrike, Untreated


Late maturing following spring sowing allow.

170-250 days till first grazing.

This is typically between June and August and provides a single high-yielding grazing option.

Sowing rates

The sowing rate may vary between ridged or drilling cultivation techniques.

Recommended sowing rate of 1-1.5kg per hectare.

Price table

Treatment 500 kg + 100 – 500kg 10 – 100kg
Untreated $19.50 $20.50 $21.50
Dynastrike $22.50 $23.50 $24.50
Goldstrike $25.50 $26.50 $27.50

All prices are excluded GST. Minimum order 10kg. All seed is supplied in 25kg bags. Bulk 500kg bags
are also an option.

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