Maxum Oats

Maxum Oats are a popular choice for farmers in New Zealand who are looking for a reliable and productive forage crop for their livestock. They are known for their high yield potential, disease resistance, and palatability to livestock. They also have good nutritional quality making it a great feed in winter for livestock.

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Maxum Oats are a high-yielding annual forage crop that can be used as a green feed or grazing crop. Maxum Oats are highly palatable and a valuable source of feed for grazing livestock, particularly during winter and early spring when other forage options may be limited.



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Maxum Oats



Generally, Maxum Oats need around 42-56 days of growth before grazing.

Grazing guide: Start grazing when the plants are 15-20 cm and leave a residual of 5-7 cm to encourage regrowth. Grazing should be managed to avoid overgrazing and damage to the growth point of the crop.

Sowing Rates

Recommended sowing rate of 120-130 kg per hectare.

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Treatment 800 kg + 200 – 800kg 10 – 200kg
Untreated $1.80 $1.85 $2.90
Dynastrike $2.40 $2.45 $3.50
Goldstrike $3.40 $3.45 $4.50

All prices are excluded GST. Minimum order 10kg.

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