Crimson Clover

Crimson Clover is an annual clover that has an upright growth habitat, deep root structure and soft seeded. It can be sown in either Autumn or Spring and is quick to establish making it ideal for use in short-term rotations. While it prefers well-drained soil it regrows provided it is grazed no lower than 8cm before the bud stage. For best results allow it to flower and seed set in the first year, it has a low bloat risk for grazing stock.



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Pasture legumes, like clovers, are the key to the success of New Zealand’s pastoral systems. Nitrogen is maintained by the biological fixation of nitrogen gas from the air by rhizobium bacteria that reside in the root nodules of legumes, to supply nitrates for plant growth. While this theory is still dominant in New Zealand agriculture, nitrogen, particularly in intensive systems such as dairying, can remain deficient with increasing amounts of nitrogen fertilisers applied.

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Untreated, Dynastrike, Goldstrike

Crimson Clover



We recommend planting in autumn or spring.
There is little bloat risk for your stock.
When grazed correctly it will regrow, we recommend no lower than 8cm before the bud stage.
For the best regeneration results, we recommend allowing plants to flower and seed in the first year.

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Dynastrike $16.75 $17.25 $17.75
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