Strawberry Clover

Strawberry Clover is a perennial clover that has a greater tolerance of difficult soils and climate conditions than alternatives such as white clover. This is cultivar has a high nitrogen fixing ability with a large long narrow leaf. Strawberry clover also produces a deep taproot.


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Pasture legumes, like clovers, are the key to the success of New Zealand’s pastoral systems. Nitrogen is maintained by the biological fixation of nitrogen gas from the air by rhizobium bacteria that reside in the root nodules of legumes, to supply nitrates for plant growth. While this theory is still dominant in New Zealand agriculture, particularly in intensive systems such as dairying, nitrogen can remain deficient with increasing amounts of nitrogen fertilisers applied.

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Strawberry Clover



Sowing Rate

Recommended sowing rate of 2-4 kg per hectare in a mix.

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Untreated $22.75 $23.75 $24.75
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Goldstrike $26.25 $27.25 $28.25

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