Surge Persian Clover

Surge Persian Clover is an annual clover that can be Autumn, Winter and Spring sown. Its flowers are small, pink to purple and arranged in dense clusters at the top of the stems. The leaves are trifoliate and have a distinct “V” shape. This highly productive cultivar flourishes in moderate to high rainfall, although it prefers mild winters and will tolerate wet acidic soils. Making silage, we recommend sowing with oats and Italian ryegrass for a high-quality supplement.

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Surge Persian Clover 


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Dynastrike, Goldstrike, Untreated

Surge Persian Clover



Surge Persian Clover can be grazed by livestock once it has reached a height of 10 to 15 cm. It is important to avoid overgrazing and to allow the plants to recover after each grazing event to ensure long-term productivity.

Sowing rates

Recommended sowing rate of 3 – 6 kg per hectare in a mix, and

8 – 12 kg per hectare for a speciality pasture.


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Untreated $11.10 $11.50 $12.40
Dynastrike $14.10 $14.50 $15.40
Goldstrike $17.10 $17.50 $18.40

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