Paeroa Red Clover

Paeroa Red Clover has a large leaf size and is a top performer in New Zealand pastoral systems. A cultivar with great persistence it typically lasts twice as long as Hamua Red Clover it is a great option for making hay or silage supplement.

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Red Clover is a short-lived perennial and is typically more productive in a pure stand than white clover. Red clover cultivars do not tend to have stolons or rhizomes, so they only reproduce naturally by seeding and will disappear from pastures within two to three years after sowing, especially sheep pastures as it does not tolerate close grazing. With seed dispersal added under cattle pastures, it may persist for longer. Compared to white clover, it has a deep tap root and larger root system, making it more tolerant of summer droughts and root-eating pests such as grass grub. A taller species than white clover, it adapts better to growing with taller grass species such as Timothy and Cocksfoot under rotation grazing or as supplement crops. Red Clover performs well in mixed farming where short-term pastures are used to restore soil fertility for cropping. They are also clovers that make good specialist finishing feed in combination with other species with stock, such as lambs achieving rapid live weight gains.

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Paeroa Red Clover



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