Sainfoin has long been a pasture species in the eastern Mediterranean, as far back as 6,000 years. Similar to Lucerne, it is a deep-rooted perennial, producing a number of stems from a crown. It has the characteristic of storing condensed tannins in its plant tissue, which has a number of benefits such as resistance to a range of pests, as well as stock health advantages such as preventing bloat, and internal parasites, along with protecting protein from degradation in the rumen. These properties and the high palatability of Sainfoin result in improved nitrogen utilisation and stock growth rates.

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Sainfoin tolerates extremities in climate, being both drought-resistant and frost tolerant. A flowering variety, older plants have also been known to multiply by vegetative growth, sending out underground, short ascending stems that bear aerial stem buds at their tips. Sainfoin favours free-draining soils with an alkaline pH and does particularly well in areas that are naturally high in lime. It has a lower demand for potassium and phosphate than Lucerne. Sainfoin can be affected by crown and root rot disease. Care needs to be taken under irrigation.

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Sainfoin is adapted to climates that limit growth to spring and mid-summer and lends itself to hay/silage making and subsequent grazings. When taking a supplement cut the crop it should generally be completed at an advanced flowering stage, this will help maximise yield, and limit any declines in quality as the plant matures.

To note the regrowth of Sainfoin can become poor and is best resown every 2-3 years.

Sowing Rate

Sainfoin has a large seed size but does not emerge well from being deeply sown, a planting depth of 1-2 cm is recommended.

Spring sowing

Sainfoin seedlings grow vigorously however they are poor competitors with weeds appropriate management will be required. The sowing time is best matched to the climate in cooler areas a spring sowing is likely to be more successful and also prevent some of the issues with early weed control, the warmer temperatures will stimulate seedling growth.

Summer sowing   

Are successful unless the climate is particularly harsh then an Autumn sowing would be preferable.

An advantage of Sainfoin is that it is resistant to a range of pests that cause problems for Lucerne species.

Recommended sowing rate of 6 – 12 kg per hectare in a mix.

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