Japanese Millet

Japanese Millet is known as an economic high-performance forage option for both dairy and beef cattle. Great drought tolerance for valuable summer feed. Japanese Millet also makes high-quality silage with regrowth allowing for multiple cuts (up to 3) in one season.


Japanese Millet is a high-performing forage option for livestock. It establishes quickly, making it economical, reducing the need for chemicals as it actively competes with weeds. Japanese Millet has a deep root system that has the environmental benefits of combating erosion as well as being drought tolerant. Active over the drier summer months, it is a good choice for milking cows or beef cattle. Additionally, it is also a superb supplement cultivar providing multiple cuts of silage per crop (generally up to 3 cuts). When sowing, it is important to note that the minimum soil temperature is around 17 degrees, with the ideal temperature being 20 degrees.

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Japanese Millet



The first cut or grazing can be around 45 – 60 days.

Sowing Rate

Recommended sowing rate of 25-30 kgs per hectare either at sowing or broadcasting seed.

The minimum soil temperature for sowing is around 17°C with the ideal being 20°C.

Price Table

Treatment 500 kg + 100 – 500kg 10 – 100kg
Untreated $8.45 $8.70 $8.95
Dynastrike $9.95 $10.20 $10.45
Goldstrike $11.95 $12.20 $12.45

All prices are excluded GST. Minimum order 10kg.

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