Active is a great long-rotation Italian ryegrass. A hybrid tetraploid this top producer persists for up to 3-5 years as permanent pasture. A cultivar that does exceptionally well under irrigation. It is specifically bred to extend seasonal growth and persistence under grazing pressure.

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Active is a long-rotation Italian ryegrass cultivar. A hybrid tetraploid that can persist for up to 3 – 5 years, especially in irrigated systems. Active is specifically bred for extending seasonal production and persistence under grazing pressure. We recommend it as a great complete pasture management tool. Active has nil endophyte for high palatability. Active is late flowering and performs growing grass when it’s needed.

Italian Ryegrasses

These cultivars are characterised by their fast establishment and ability to produce high DM yields over winter and early spring. Under good conditions, they establish quickly and are typically ready for grazing about 4 – 6 weeks following sowing. Annual species are less persistent and are normally autumn sown as a 6 – 8 month winter/spring feed. In areas where summers are mild with adequate moisture levels and low pest pressures, they can persist for 1 – 2 years. Typically, Italian ryegrasses last 12 – 18 months in drier areas, and 3 years or more in milder summer conditions. Italian ryegrasses keep growing into summer. Over a 12-month period, they produce 15 t DM/ha. Yields will vary widely depending on conditions and if irrigated, or yields can vary between 20t DM/ha under optimal conditions to as low as 10 t DM/ha. We have a selection of short and long-rotation Italian ryegrass cultivars, including high-sugar performers that are suitable to plant between-season cereal crops or as a bulk feed crop.

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Active typically reaching maturity within 60-90 days after sowing with +19 days heading.

Sowing Rate

Recommended sowing rate of 30 – 32 kg per hectare.

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