Tetraploid perennial ryegrass is an excellent yielder with good feed quality.
Low Endophyte.

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Foxtrot is a great performing tetraploid perennial with an erect growth form that tillers well. It is palatable, containing high levels of soluble carbohydrates and has a wide dark green leaf. Nil endophyte applied.

Tetraploid Grasses

Intensification of farming systems relies on ryegrasses that can produce bulk, high-quality feed to accelerate animal production and performance. Tetraploid cultivars are a significant tool farmers can employ to help achieve these goals. Tetraploid plants have four sets of chromosomes per cell (versus a diploid with two). This makes tetraploid ryegrasses more palatable for livestock. The extra chromosome results in a bigger cell size and a higher ratio of cell content (soluble carbohydrates) to cell walls (fibre). Tetraploids are therefore naturally high in soluble carbohydrates (sugars).

Livestock will preferentially graze tetraploid over diploid grasses if given a choice and tend to graze them more quickly and evenly. The higher dry matter intake on these grasses results in improved animal performance. Furthermore, they are compatible with clover; their open and erect growth form promotes clover growth. The feed quality also improves silage quality.

A consideration of tetraploid grasses is that they require careful management as they are prone to overgrazing and susceptible to pugging in wet conditions and less resilient to drought.

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+ 19 days heading.

Sowing Rate

Recommended sowing rate of 25 – 30 kg per hectare.

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Untreated $8.50 $8.95 $9.95
Dynastrike $10.00 $10.45 $11.45
Goldstrike $12.00 $12.45 $13.45

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