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Wesco Seeds Ltd. regularly test our products to make sure the quality of our products are upheld for our customers.

See below for our trial results:

Over-sowing on hill country

Geoff has tried over-sowing on hill country using our seed and stated that “sowing seed from a chopper when done correctly I believe will transform the way we farm our hill country”

Trial on Over-sowing

Wesco Seeds Ltd did a trial on over-sowing to see if we could discover a more summer safe option. We used Chicory, Plantain, Red and White Clover and Arrowleaf Clover. The results from this trial were outstanding. We discovered when over-sowing on old pasture the quality of the feed increased and we also found that this is a bullet proof option for over the dry summer months. This trial also proved that you can use a cheaper option of spreading by using a spinner and roller.


Wesco sells grass seed, lawn seed, pasture seed and clover seed
Wesco Seeds sell grass seed and clover seed, pasture seed and lawn seed online

Trialing SupaNS Liquid Fertiliser

We wanted to trial and record our liquid fertiliser too prove to our customers how beneficial SupaNS is to your crops. We trialed this on an oat crop. What we revealed was how healthy our oats were after using SupaNS, the silage crop tonnage was improved and so was the quality of the feed.

Wesco Seeds Sell liquid fertiliser online
Wesco Seeds sell liquid fertiliser online