Lotus is a perennial species with a long taproot and considerably higher root mass in comparison to other legumes. Can be likened to resembling lucerne in its use and management. Lotus with its deep root structure takes time to establish, though it grows well in wet infertile, and acidic soil conditions. Great for animal health with high levels of condensed tannins,  it helps to prevent bloat in stock and reduces the effect of internal parasites.

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Lotus is a preferred feed for all classes of livestock and is a must-have for a specialist or diverse pasture sward. Tolerant of a range of soil conditions, drought, salinity, wet, low fertility and acidity, it is a great addition to a mix. Alongside the animal health benefits of non-bloating, it helps to maintain meat and milk production, particularly in challenging growing conditions, like those in high country situations. Lotus is also well adapted to rotational grazing. Lotus root structure also helps to prevent erosion and control weeds on bare ground.

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Dynastrike, Goldstrike, Untreated




Lotus is highly palatable and can be grazed once it reaches a suitable growth stage. It is important to avoid overgrazing, damaging the plants and reducing productivity. We recommended grazing at around 10-15 cm in height, no less than 7-10cm, and to allow for adequate rest and recovery periods between grazing events. Lotus does well under rotational grazing.


Sowing rates

The recommended sowing rates for Lotus are:

  • For a specialty pasture: 6-10 kg/hectare
  • For use in a pasture mix: 1-3 kg per hectare
  • For hay or silage production: 15-20 kg/ha

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