Arrowleaf Clover

Arrowleaf clover is a high performing annual that can be sown in Autumn, Winter and Spring. The leaves are arrow-shaped and have a bluish-green tint, while the flowers are pinkish-white and form clusters at the tips of the stems. Arrowleaf Clover has a relatively hard seed and we recommend allowing it to go to seed, it grows in a wide range of soils tolerant of pHs from 5.0 – 7.0.

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Pasture legumes, like clovers, are the key to the success of New Zealand’s pastoral systems. Nitrogen is maintained by the biological fixation of nitrogen gas from the air by rhizobium bacteria that reside in the root nodules of legumes, to supply nitrates for plant growth. While this theory is still dominant in New Zealand agriculture, particularly in intensive systems such as dairying, nitrogen can remain deficient with increasing amounts of nitrogen fertilisers applied.

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Arrowleaf Clover



Arrowleaf clover can be grazed soon after establishment, but care should be taken to avoid overgrazing, especially during the first few months of growth. Once the crop is established, it should be grazed regularly to maintain a good balance between plant growth and animal feed demand.

We recommend allowing it to go to seed as it is a hard seed that will regenerate.

Sowing rates

The recommended sowing rate for Arrowleaf Clover (Trifolium vesiculosum) in New Zealand varies depending on the intended use of the crop and the planting method. Arrowleaf clover can be sown in the autumn or early spring, depending on the specific growing conditions in your area. It can be sown by broadcasting the seed over a prepared seedbed, or by drilling the seed into the soil at a depth of 1-2 cm. Here are some general guidelines for sowing rates:

  • For a pure stand of arrowleaf clover: 3-6 kg/ha
  • For a grass/clover mix: 2-3 kg/ha of arrowleaf clover with 15-20 kg/ha of ryegrass or other suitable grass species.
  • For overseeding into an existing pasture: 1-2 kg/ha

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