Kahu Timothy

Kahu Timothy is a nutrient-rich, high yielding, tough perennial grown and tested in New Zealand. It makes high-quality hay and silage and maintains its quality even when in seed.

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Kahu Timothy is an older New Zealand cultivar of Timothy Grass, grown and tested in New Zealand conditions. It is known for its nutrient-rich forage, high in selenium and vitamin E, making it an excellent option for producing high-quality hay and silage. Timothy grasses are suited to heavy soils in summer wet areas, with their production peaking in the warmer spring and summer months. Kahu Timothy remains high in both quality and palatability, even when it is seeding. The high palatability of the Kahu Timothy cultivar can make it hard to recognise in a permanent pasture until the paddock is shut up for supplements. It is moderately tolerant of winter treading and heavy wet soils.



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Kahu Timothy



Typically requires 60-90 days to reach a suitable height for grazing or hay production.

Sowing Rate

Recommended sowing rate of 1-2 kg per hectare in a mix, and

Recommended sowing rates of 6-8 kg per hectare as a speciality pasture.

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Treatment 500 kg + 100 – 500kg 10 – 100kg
Untreated $14.80 $14.90 $15.80
Dynastrike $15.30 $16.40 $17.30
Goldstrike $18.30 $18.40 $19.30

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