Matua Prairie Grass

Matua Prairie Grass performs as either an annual or short-lived perennial grass. Key attributes of Matua are its heat tolerance and ability to maintain palatability over the warmer seasons. A cultivar that is compatible with both clover and herb pasture species it does well in a mix. Matua’s natural persistence is aided by its ability to reseed after each growth cycle.


Matua Prairie Grass is an annual to short-rotation perennial grass. Typically, it yields well over the cooler months of the year (autumn, winter and spring). Matua grows best in free-draining soils with reasonable fertility, preferring a pH of 5.6 or higher. It has relatively high protein content and palatable seed heads, helping to maintain feed quality during the hotter summer months. Providing very early spring growth, Matua has an erect growth form and exceptional drought tolerance. A key attribute is that it is more heat tolerant than ryegrasses and also maintains its palatability through the growing season, even as it becomes reproductive. Compared to other grasses, Matua does not tolerate continuous grazing or grazing when soil conditions are wet.

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Matua Prairie Grass



Matua Prairie Grass is recommended to be grazed in a rotation or harvested when it reaches the early seed stage for the best feed quality. A fallow period of 25 – 35 days may also be required between grazings or harvesting depending on the time of the year. The period necessary will be faster in the cooler months, and slower during the warmer summer months.

Sowing Rate

Recommended sowing rates of 6 -12 kg per hectare in a mix, and

A sowing rate of 30 – 35 kg per hectare to establish a specialty pasture.

Price Table

Treatment 500 kg + 100 – 500kg 10 – 100kg
Untreated $8.15 $8.50 $9.35
Dynastrike $9.65 $10.00 $10.85
Goldstrike $11.65 $12.00 $12.85

All prices are excluded GST. Minimum order 10kg.

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