Matrix is a diploid perennial ryegrass/fescue cross cultivar. Establishes rapidly, good winter production. Late heading +23 days. Contains high endophyte.

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Matrix is a diploid perennial ryegrass/fescue cross cultivar. It is characterised by its rapid establishment and good winter production. Matrix is a late heading variety, with +23 days heading. Contains high endophyte.

Diploid plants

Ryegrass is a diploid plant naturally, having two sets of chromosomes. The advantage of diploids is that they combine yield and robustness, meaning that they perform in a variety of conditions. Diploid plants produce more tillers per plant, with a lower water content per cell, which results in a higher dry matter per kilogram of feed and more energy than tetraploid plants. Compared to tetraploid cultivars, they are more robust and less likely to be overgrazed, more tolerant to pugging and less likely to be attacked by pests like Argentine stem weevil. Their robustness is a trade-off with lower metabolisable energy (than tetraploids), with a lower ratio of soluble carbohydrate to fibre. Their lower denser growth form can shade clover, making them less compatible than tetraploids.

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Plus 23 days heading.

Sowing Rate

Recommended sowing rate of 26-30 kg per hectare.

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